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 I’ll write about my herb plantation and  day-to-day work.

and I'd like to disseminate information to all over the world from Japan.


Cortez fregrance???? What?

I found a fun fragrant product.

There are many fragrant products, but there is no bad smell product anywhere until now.



This product is the scent of the National Railways. This fragrance reproduces the "smell" in the car, which is reminiscent of the cars of the JNR era.

It is said that it is a common smell from commuter train to blue train and if you smell it, it is like "being in a train." What is it like? 

If you smell this scent, it feels like you are in the train.



How about Gerrard with plenty of ingredients from Miyagi?

I will introduce a Gerrard shop in Natori, Miyagi prefecture.


The store's name is Natu-Lino: なちゅりの  

This store's Gerrard, which used plenty of ingredients from Miyagi, can only eat here.

Because it is a very famous shop, please go to eat if you come to Miyagi prefecture.


I recommend the green soybeans taste (ずんだ) which is the specialty product of Miyagi prefecture.

Milk, tomato, melon, pear

There are many kinds of taste!!

Original Gerrard using local ingredients.


Specialty of Miyagi:  Zunda taste

Grind the soybeans and mix the milk into the sandwich, delicious gelato

Store Map

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We will be starting a new product December first.

Hello everyone,Today is ....

We would like to introduce new product of L'ssential Japon. (レセンシエル ジャポン)

This product is made of nearly 10 branded essential oils.

It name is [Happy Brends] , and it is spray for mask.


Why don't you try to make the mask smell clean this season when there are many opportunities to use masks?

Anyway , plz take care not to catch a cold~!!  X(




Spray 3 times to the part of the mask

not touching the mouth.

The scent continues for about 2 hours.



This product make you HAPPY!

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What kind of essential oils are popular in your country?

 Hi , how are you doing?

Today's topic is "what's is the most popular essential oil in Japan?"


To come to the point, "LAVENDER" is the most popular in Japan.

why is lavender most popular in here??

I'm deeply sorry, I don't know the reason.

but I think that it has an effect of relieving anxiety and stress.

Japanese people are busy everyday such as overwork, housework and school, aren't we seeking healing?

Isn't it instinctively seeking more than fragrance?

I think that the required efficacy depends on the circumstances of the country.

What kind of essential oils are popular in your country?

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How are you doing?

Today's topic is "Do you know "nonalcoholic sake soda?"

I think that everyone knows about sake, but you don't know sake of nonalcoholic.

Why do they need to make it nonalcoholic?

Actually, many people like sake taste and scent, even if alcohol is not contained in many people who are seeking it.

Also, people who can't drink because of religion or drunk driving can enjoy drinking party without alcohol.


If you come to Miyagi prefecture, you can enjoy non-alcoholic sake

This product "澤乃泉サイダー sawano izumi" is made by a company called Kaitaku in Ishinomaki of Miyagi prefecture. (一般社団法人 カイタク


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Do you know HINOKI??

Good morning  ladies and gentleman!

How are you ?

(you??) yea, I'm pretty good. Lol  : )

Today I will introduce about "HINOKI"

Btw.. do you know hinoki??

Hinoki is a conifer of the Japanese cypress genus that is found only in Japan and Taiwan.

It is well known that Japanese cypress HINOKI is an ideal material for such as palace construction for a long period of time.

Cypress wood is the world's highest level of durability and preservation.

It's possible to use a HINOKI for an construction material more than 1,000 years.

Even if an architecture is more than 1,000 years, it still has the same strength as the felling time.  (can you believe it??)

The origin of the name of Hinoki is said to be "Sun Tree" which is precious and represents the best of all other number wood.

It smells elegant and soothing.

The scent of HINOKI is highly relaxing and brings about the same effect as forest bathing.

 Because it smells elegant and relaxing, it is popular in Japan that it is used such as luxurious inn rooms and luxurious spa bathtubs.

Why don't you enjoy the scent of HINOKI??

Please let me know if you have some question about essential oil of HINOKI .


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 Hello everyone! my name is Yoshida.

I'm a manager at Ltd.

Today I will introduce the popular event of our plantation "Dog gathering in lavender hills".

This event is held every year.(This event will be held once a year in June)

And about 30 dogs enjoy lavender as they get along.

I think that "dogs and lavender make people so happy!!!"  : )

Why do not you enjoy lavender with your dog?

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